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P. Kestemont, K. Dabrowski, R.C. Summerfelt (Eds.)

Biology and Culture of Percid Fishes Principles and Practices
▶ Compiles all the latest scientific work on percid fish biology and aquaculture
▶ Details all biological aspects of the percid species
▶ Describes practical techniques for commercial production of this freshwater fish group
▶ Reviews the latest studies on percid fish biology

This extensive work focuses on an important group of temperate freshwater fish, approaching the topic from the perspectives of both biology and aquaculture. It compiles the latest research on fish belonging to the Percidae family and describes in detail all biological aspects relevant to the culture of different species, including ecology, reproductive physiology, feeding and nutrition, genetics, immunology, stress physiology and behavior. It also considers commercial fish production and fish farming topics, such as protocols for induction of gonad maturation, spawning, incubation and larval rearing. See the flyer (pdf)

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